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What is CPR?
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergency procedure performed on people suffering cardiac arrest.The purpose of CPR is to provide a continuous flow of oxygen to the lungs and brain until the person regains consciousness.The human brain can only survive an average of five minutes without oxygen, after which time permanent damage is done.By performing CPR on a victim, the rescuer is upping the chances for a full recovery. However, it is important to remember that CPR alone is rarely enough for a person to survive. The true purpose of CPR is to keep the heart pumping and the oxygen flowing until emergency care arrives.
  • CPR is often used when no other assistance methods, such as defibrillators, are available, but it can also be done by medical professionals on patients who have just recently lost their pulse. The International Consensus Conference on CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care Science, which was held in 2005, established that it is not longer necessary for health professionals to check for a pulse before starting CPR. In fact, it is believed that many victims could have been saved if CPR had been performed on them earlier on, it is now at discretion of individuals as to when CPR should be started, which means health professionals will more than likely start the procedure much earlier than they did before. 
  • Chest compressions are extremely important. If you are not comfortable giving rescue breaths, still perform chest compressions! It's called Hands Only CPR.
  • If the victim is breathing, briskly rub your knuckles against the victim's sternum. If the victim does not wake, call 999. If the victim wakes up, but is confused or not able to speak, call 999.
  • You can do CPR without any special tools and a mouth-to-mouth CPR barrier is optional.


How to Perform New CPR?

CPR is as Easy as CAB



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