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What is Emergency Data Card?

  • The objective of the Emergency Data Card is to assist emergency service personnels to obtain instant up-to-date, accurate medical and personal information about the accident victim.
  • This card is to be carried like a credit card, it contains a person’s personal particulars such as contact number of close family members/friends, blood group and current medical condition.
  • It is extremely useful in emergencies such as motor accidents, heart attacks, fainting spells etc.
  • Our aim is to distribute these life saving cards to all over our country and we hope to alert every Malaysian of carrying it with them at all times.
  • Life Saver Card for you:
  • To carry it with you at work, on vacation, or just walking in your neighbourhood. In case of emergency during the activity, medical service personnel will have your data needed for appropriate medical administration/care.
  • Life Saver Card for family:
  • Get the Emergency Data Card for your spouse, children and other family members.
  • It is important for children because they barely have any form of idendification information with them. In the event of emergency, the family members can be contacted immediately and appropriate medical care can be carry on immediately with the information on the card.

Articles of Emergency Data Card:

How To Get This Card?

It's SO EASY! Just click the link below, print the card, and fill in the information required.
To PRINT PLEASE USE COLOR INK only. Put all requested information on the card; separate papers cannot be accepted.

Click Here to Print Out Your Life Saver Card


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