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Guest of Honour
YB Senator Datuk M. Kayveas

Deputy Minister for Ministry of Housing and Local Government

The Malaysian
Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association “MVFRA” is a voluntary fire & rescue unit that was formed in . It is a volunteer back-up team formed primary to assist The Fire & Rescue Department in times of disaster. The main function of the association is to provide humanitarian assistance in the event of disasters such as fire, floods and landslides.

Being the leading voluntary fire and rescue association in the country, MVFRA is actively involved in fire prevention activities as well as conducting  various  community projects such as “The Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop” which we have so far trained more than 5,000 children between the ages of 6 to 12. This programme emphasizes on fire safety awareness, how to prevent fires and how to escape from a burning house.

In , MVFRA received the “National Youth Award” bestowed by our Honorable Prime Minister in recognition for the services rendered to the country.


MVFRA Volunteers  
As a back up team for disaster assistance, MVFRA’s volunteers are always trained to be prepared for any emergencies and they will respond immediately under any circumstances.

With our motto, “Proud Malaysia Serve Malaysia”, MVFRA has to-date recruited more than 800 volunteers from various fields and they are ever ready to render help to assist fellow Malaysians in distress.

As a proactive organization, MVFRA has played a key role in creating awareness on volunteerism in the country and also enhancing the capabilities of the volunteers.

In order to achieve our goals and to further improve our performance in serving the community, MVFRA is looking for sources of funds as well as other resources needed to train and equip our volunteers so that they can effectively and safely respond in time of disasters.


Future Plans
For the coming year, MVFRA have lined up various programmes, such as:-

  1. The Fire Kids Safety Workshop

MVFRA plans to hold 7 sessions this coming year in order to achieve our target to train 25,000 children by the year . These popular workshops were held nationwide and so far we have trained more than 7,600 children. In each of the workshops we have up to 400-480 kids participating and usually about 800 parents will be participating indirectly. That’s where MVFRA have the opportunity to train both parents and children at the same time.  

  1. Children Cycle Safely Programme

The majority of children who cycle to school lacked road safety awareness. The statistics of school children involved in road accidents are not adequately highlighted by the media. As such, the tragic consequences of such accidents are often too quickly forgotten. In order to encourage school children to have greater awareness on road safety, MVFRA will be undertaking the task to organize the “Cycle Safely Programme” nationwide.  

  1. Home Safe Home programme for Housewives

 Fire safety begins at home. This fire safety education programme is specially designed for housewives in order to educate them on the importance of fire safety prevention at home. This training programme includes the setting up of a family fire escape plan, guiding them on a simple and easy-to-remember techniques on how to escape from a burning house as well as to train them on fire prevention. 

  1. Launching of MVFRA Website

With the launching of this website, all our activities can be found in this site. This website will also be an information centre for members of the public to obtain safety tips and other relevant information.  

  1. Emergency Data Card for all Malaysians

It is a life saving card specially designed to assist emergency services personnel to obtain instantly up-to-date, accurate medical and personal information. Information such as blood group, emergency contact numbers as well as current medical condition can be obtained fast.



Setting up of The Children Safety Academy. Our objective is to train children from ages 6 to 12
on the various aspects of safety i.e.-  Fire Safety, Home Safety, Electrical Safety, Road Safety etc.

In order to kick off this noble project, MVFRA needs funding. We deeply appreciate assistance from the local authorities in respect of obtaining either a building or land in order to accommodate this academy.

Fire En
gine for Volunteer group
The Malay Mail, December 31,

KEY TO A MORE EFFECTIVE FIRE-FIGHTING FORCE : Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government Senator Datuk M. Kayveas presenting a mock key of a fire engine to Capt. K. Balasupramaniam, founder and chairman of the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (MVFRA).

The ceremony was held last night during the association's 13th anniversary dinner held at a hotel ballroom in Kuala Lumpur.

Kayveas was the event's guest of honor.

The Malay Mail understands that the re-conditioned fire engine was bought at an auction in Japan.

MVFRA is a non-government organization formed in , which acts as a secondary back-up team for the Fire and Rescue Department.


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