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HOW TO REGISTER AS VOLUNTEER? Stopping by our office at No 32, Jalan Wirawati 6,Taman Maluri, 0 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday - Saturday (office Hours :  9pm to 10pm) and ask to speak to a membership officer. If you need directions or more information please .

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o 32, Jalan Wirawati 6, Taman Maluri, 0 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Take care and be safe.








With the support from TEG FAIR (Toys, Edutainment & Games Fair), MVFRA will be conducting a session of Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop on 14.12. (Wed) and a session of Cycle Safely program on 15.12. (Thur) at MIECC, Mines Seri Kembangan.

We encourage parents to send their children (aged 5-11) to attend these fun-filled workshops and learn some important life-saving methods.

Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop

Date : 14.12. (Wednesday)
Time : 6pm - 9pm
Venue : Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Mines Seri Kembangan 

To know more about the Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop, please click here..

Cycle Safely Program

Date : 15.12. (Thursday)
Time : 6pm - 9pm
Venue : Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), Mines Seri Kembangan 

To know more about the Cycle safely Program , please click here..

For registration, please email to : with the following particulars before 12 December :-
 1) Program Participate :
 2) Parent's Name :

 3) No. of children participating:

4) Children’s Name & Age:
5) Parent’s Contact No. (H/P) :

a) No fee is required for registration / participation.

b) A reference number will be given upon registration through email.
For details / enquiry , you may contact us at or email to    

NSTP-PwC Malaysian Humanitarian Award



Cecil Rajendra


National Cancer Society Malaysia

Balasupramaniam Krishnan

NSTP-PwC Malaysian Humanitarian Award
52 nominations have been submitted for this year's NSTP-PwC Malaysian Humanitarian Award for three different categories, namely the Young Humanitarian category (23 nominations), Lifetime Humanitarian category (18 nominations) and Team Humanitarian category (10 nominations)..... more details

IN LIGHTER VEIN: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak shares a moment with Balasupramaniam Krishnan, who won the Young Humanitarian category of the NSTP-PwC Malaysian Humanitarian Award. On Najib's right is Cecil Rajendra, who bagged the Lifetime Humanitarian title.

Dua individu, NCSM menang anugerah kemanusiaan NSTP-PwC
KUALA LUMPUR: Dua individu dan sebuah pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO), dipilih sebagai penerima Anugerah Kemanusiaan Malaysia The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd-PricewaterhouseCoopers (NSTP-PwC) tahun ini.  berita penuh
Tak harap balasan khidmat sukarela
KUALA LUMPUR: K Balasupramaniam yang dipilih menerima Anugerah Kemanusiaan Muda The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd (NSTP)-PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), menyifatkan pengiktirafan itu sebagai lambang kesungguhan golongan muda negara ini melaksanakan kerja sukarela.  berita penuh














Our heartfelt congratulations to
Vol. L/ Corp. K. Puvanendran & his beloved wife, Geetha

Their wedding ceremony was held on Sunday 13-11- at Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Ampang Tasik Permai.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness!!


Fundraising Notice
MVFRA is seeking your kind financial contribution for the purchase of a new ambulance, costing nearly
RM 120,000.00.


 Todate, we have collected RM .50, generously contributed by:-

YB Datin Chong Kwei Kee, Ms. Loh Sock Yee
The Ladies from Petronas (Bangi & KLCC), BAT Sport Club, IGB Corperation, Felda Holdings S/B, Full Gospel Assembly
Staff of TIME DotCom Berhad Abdul Aziz B. Abdullah, Abdul Hakim Bin Isenin, Ishak Samsudin, Ahmad Nazri Alias Aliyas, Noorazah Bt Kamarudin, Mohamad Nazri B. Muda, Aminuddin Abd Jalil, Mohd Takhiyuddin, Ibrahim Bin A. Samdi, Cheah Hann Chuan, Nantha Kumaran, Shahzzly Anbdul Aziz, Wong Leong Kheng, Abd Razali Khalid, Saaduddin Bin Osman, Nasir, Henry Chi, Dhkeem, Norrizay Ahamd, Saihibi Sahinnan, Raja Shahrul Azlan, Rupiah Keesin, Nordin Abdul, Mohd Azmeer Ahmad, Maasmas Din, Ahmad B. Hassan, Jerry Jeffery, Razima Ahamd Sharani, Iskandar Jaafar, Major Jimmy Ng
Staff of CIMB Lee Jiann Liang, Soo Siew Ean, Cheah Tee Wai, Eileen Tee, Yap Pooi Ling, Philip Leong, Foo Cheng Hoong, Ng Yoke Peng, Wong Yoke Yuan, Anis, Azizah, Irene Chui Kit Yeng, Lee Sok Yin, Kan Meei Lin, Dho'un Hikimahana Azahawi, Richard Lee, Mohamad Aslam Khuajah, Nazlan Nasir, Ramlan, Rizal, Raymond Gan, Bathinathan, Siti Roham Hamid, Zaharadin Samad Isa, Kee Jia Chi, Judy Sim, Lim Lee Yong, Pan Soo Lee, Ivy Choo, Azida
Staff of Kurz Production (M) S/B Hazli Bin Md Isa, Juswant Singh, Chai iYoke Kuan, Oliver Janjewitz, Lee Chee Ming, Guna Salan, Viyaja, Mohamad Ridzuan, Gunaseelan, Chandran, Zainal Bin Abdul Talib, Rozali BIn Hasan, Zulhaeri Bin Desa, Sundararajan, Vasudevan, Murthy, Jamaludin Bin Abu Djamalis, Adi Saputra, Abdul Razak Bin Shamsuddin
Staff of Dupont Powder Coatings (M)  S/B Adnan Alias, Abdul Ghaffar, Morahan Zakawa, M. Zuhairie Yusoff, Norazlini Yusoff, Lelsumi, Hemawathy, Salina Badawddin, Omar Ghazally, Mohd Solihenm, Zahari, Ong Bee Lian, Goh Lee Hwa, Yee Yen Ni, Koh Mei Sin, Annie, Prema Ramaiah, Eswari, MY
Staff of ProJET Malaysa S/B Sharifah bt. Mat Sapeine, Durreh Hajas Bt Ahmad Haizai, Yong Soo Lei, Helen, Daisie, Angie Ng, Tay Saw Hoon, Manjit Kaur, Fifi, Santha, Nurul Aza Abid, Kang Miau Lin, Fauziah, Zahariah Shamsudain, Hazura Ariff, Stephanie Ng, Elain Kok, Sarimah, Zabrina, Phang Wei Li, Charles Lakey, Elia Ericfinn
Staff of Cadbury Confectionery (M) S/B Mohd Nor Hasan, Sabaruddin Saibani, Nor Asmelise Mohd Anuar, Fauzizu Che Harun, Mohd Ulul Azmi B Lahuri, Hamdan B. Kamsari, Hamzah B. Mohd Fafiai, Juhana Jaafar, Khairil Hafiz Abdullah, Sallehudin Ismail, Ganesan A/L Letchumanan, Mohd Khalid B. Dahuri, Rosnah Sanusi
Staff of Diethelm (M) S/B Yap Moon Ling, Geraldine, Maria Tan, Ari Seluhi, Chew Chee Leng, Azman mohd Noor, Catherine Tang, Christine Koh, Nursyarul Hasylia, Sylvia Lee, Thoy LeeChin, Jennifer Chuah, Henry Lee, Isnin, Ivy Goh, Debbie Foonf, K. Y. Chan, Flornnie Tong, Janias, Rafik Ali, Thomas Chan
Staff of Diethelm (M) S/B Peter Loo, Jessie Cheong, Everlyn Lim, Norshita, Shahrizan, Carson Choo, Muhamad Amra, Shamshuddin, Abd.Razak, Sharif, Shamsul Bahri, Wendy Wong, Stephanie Ng, Lim Seok Chin, Khoo Boo Kheng, Fredrick, Woo Kwan Yew, Joyce, Low Yong Kong, Shirley, Wong Min Hing
Staff of CIMB Mohd Hasim, Kamaruzaman, Ruzaimi, Zuhaino, Mohd Willeuddin Lim, Aslinda, Sharuddin, Mohd Fazzuan, A. Saman, Ng Tsu Mae, The One, Ramli Ake, Chui Kit Yeng, Yuhana Yunus,Shariz Puteh, Leslie Gan, Vijaya Pillai, Ernie Loke Soon Su, James Teoh, Leow, Rush, Rizal Hashim, Akefan, Azmi, Salleh, Yaakob, Zainal, Kee Jia Chi, Choo Kok Yuen, Cheah Tee Wai, Joshua Chok, Mona, Maniam, Faruz, Cheong Peng Yan, Jaan Tan, Rina Tutiana, Zaraini Zahari

We appreciate all the we receive. If you wish to make a personal to assist us,
Cheque should be made payable to "PERSATUAN BOMBA SUKARELA" with writing "MVFRA Ambulance Fund" at the reverse side of the cheque and forward to: 

The Chairman - MVFRA

For corporate contributions, kindly contact us at or email :



MVFRA International Disaster Assistance


Aceh, North Sumatra
30/12/ - 07/01/

Following to the massive earthquake occurred off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra on 26 December , our team of 6 personnel has been deployed to join the Rescue and Recovery Operation at the tsunami affected areas in Acheh, Indonesia.

On a week long operation, the team has assisted the local government of Acheh in the Rescue and Recovery Operation, assess the situation on the ground as well as formulate and provide further rehabilitation assistance where necessary.  

These included liaising with the Disaster Operation Commander and operation center on site in getting the mandate and scope of work, collaborating and networking with local and international agencies to ensure efficient and effective operations.

From left : Vol. Corporal Noor Amali B. Mahat, Vol.
Lans-Corporal R. Ramakrishnan, Vol. Sgnt Teresa Lim,
Vol. Capt. K. Balasupramaniam, Vol. Lt. Anita Lim and Vol. Sgnt Sharul Ariffin

Tsu-Nami Kanji - click here for definitionTsunami is a Japanese word with the English translation, "harbor wave." Represented by two characters, the top character, "tsu," means harbor, while the bottom character, "nami," means "wave." (Quote from Univ. of Washington, Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences "Tsunami! website).

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** PHOTOS **


Alice Tan, Alice Yee, Barry & Esther Chong, Betty Ng, Catherine Kha, Chiew Ern Ben, Chris Cheng, CL Chew & Management, Dr. Margaret Voon, Fauziah Jayos, Frankie Wee, Gan Cheng Lin, Jim Blevins & Muni, Joanne Kong, Judy Tung, Juliana Chong, Kevin Goh, Kiat Yeen, Lai Mun & Ed, Lee Kuen, Mable Kok & Stephen Chu, Margie & Henry Kok, Mei Sim, Mission One S/B, OSH Dynamics Holdings S/B, OSH Dynamics S/B, Pauline Thoo, Peggy Soo, Peh Gin Hai, Peh Mui Lee, Sharon, Tropical Equipment - Kelvin, Theresa Lim Foong Yee"Thank you for your invaluable support and toward our Search, Rescue and Relief mission in Aceh"





(Dec 30, - Jan 7, )

Click here for more details....

  Yo!diari perantau, UTUSAN MALAYSIA SABTU, January 31,   

Bam Musnah Sekelip Mata
Oleh K. Balasupramaniam

Sepanjang perjalanan, di kira dan kanan kami dipenuhi dengan runtuhan bangunan serta khemah sementara yang menempatkan mangsa..................




 MVFRA Children Safety Educational Programmes



Date :
March 11,

Organized by :
Tadika Diana, TTDI

Venue :
Tadika Diana, TTDI

This session is organized by Tadika Diyana for school children to learn how to escape and save themselves in the event of fire.

School children practice "Stop, Drop and Roll". They try stop moving, get down on the ground, cover their faces and roll around on the ground to put out a fire on their bodies.

They also practice what to do in a fire by doing the exercise, "Crawl Low Under Smoke."

One of the most fun-filled activities was the fire engine ride whereby the children get a chance to ride on a real fire truck.

This teaches them not to be afraid of fire trucks or of the personnel--should they every really need them.


Date : June 5,

Organized by :

Venue :
Damansara Heights

This session is organized by Partyfriends as a school holiday programme for kids to learn fire safety.

Click here for more photos...

Date : September 11,

Organized by :

Alstom Power Asia Pacific S/B

Venue :
Rumah Anak Yatim Dusun, Kg. Sungai Buaya, Kuala Langat

Click here for more photos...


Date : September 18,

Organized by :

Venue :
Damansara Heights

Click here for more photos...


Date : October 01,

Organized by :

Venue :
Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang

Click here for more photos...




Date : July 17,  
Venue : Main Entrance, One Utama Shopping Complex

Guest of Honor
YB Datuk Dr. M. Kayveas
Deputy Minister in Prime Minister Department

Sponsored by


LeRUN Industries S/B


To view more photos, please click here..!





ExxonMobil’s Edu-Camp
This training is conducted for ExxonMobil’s Edu-Camp at ABC Training Resort, Janda Baik on October 02, .

Click here for more photos...




Charity Screening : LADDER 49
Oct. 13, / Sunway Pyramid / 8pm

A Fund Raising Screening for MVFRA Children Fire Safety Programme “The Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop”. The fund raised will enable the association to  educate more children throughout the country to learn fire safety and train how to escape and save themselves in the event of fire.

 Click here  for more launching photos...!!

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Wales Trade International (WTI)
WalesTrade International was created by the Welsh Assembly Government to raise awareness of overseas opportunities, overcome any issues and take away the dear factor of trading internationally.

Acting as a driving force in establishing alliances between Welsh companies and their counterparts overseas, its vision is to make Wales one of the best trading environments worldwide.

Offers professional guidance.

Helps Welsh companies gain deeper knowledge of international trading.

Assists companies in developing trading relationships.

Uses a proactive approach to finding opportunities.
Works alongside both parties (in Wales and overseas) to provide support and advice.

Guides projects from "concept to completion".

Helps secure mutually beneficial agreements.

MVFRA Delegation to Wales
(March 12 – 18, )

Our special thanks to:-

Mr. Tim Gorin
International Trade Counselor
Welsh Assembly Government

Mr. Dafydd Goronwy-Roberts
Export Development Counselor
Welsh Assembly Government

Ms. Karen Williams
International Business Adviser
Welsh Assembly Government

Ms. Jocelyn Lim
Vice President - International Trade Development Singapore and Asia Pacific
Wales Trade International

Thank you for having confidence on MVFRA's ability to make things work. 

Visit Outreach Rescue Training Centre

Outreach Rescue has for many years operated a range of incident response and rescue programmes. They are operated in conjunction with the UK fire Service College, Moreton-in-March and the Centre for Disaster Management, Coventry University.

Clients include numerous private and public sector organisations, emergency services, universities and colleges; their partnership with Coventry University Centre for Disaster Management has approximately 200 students on Disaster Response degree programmes. Their clients in the period - were drawn from over twenty nations outside the UK.

Courses Offered.....

- Rope Rescue Operators Course
- Rope Rescue Supervisors Course
- R
ope Rescue Supervisors 3 Day Re-accreditation Course
- R
ope Working and Casualty Extrication in USAR Course
Safe Working at Height and Basic Rescue Procedures Course
Water Rescue One Technician Course
Water Rescue One Instructor Skills Course
Water Rescue One Instructor Skills 3 Day Re-accreditation Course
Water Rescue Two Course (Specialist Rescue and Search Response)
Water Rescue Two 3 Day Re-accreditation Course
Water Rescue Two Instructor Skills Course
Water Rescue Two Instructor Skills 3 Day Re-accreditation Course
Powered Boat for Rescue Response Course
Management of Search Operations for Land and Water Incidents Course
- Restricted Space Working & Casualty Handling Course
Management Issues in Specialist Rescue Course
Casualty Management Specialist in Rescue Course

To know more about Outreach Rescue, please visit or you may contact:-

Mr. Tony Griffiths
Outreach Rescue

Tel :
Fax :
Email :


Met Mr. Paul from Abtech Safety Ltd

Abtech Safety Limited is a leading name in the manufacture and distribution of personal protection equipment for height safety and confined space safety systems. Abtech's firm foundations have been built around the company's strict adherence to the ISO quality system, highest level of efficiency in the areas of design and manufacture, and a commitment to customer support.

Mr. Paul demonstrated to us the ABT3 Two Person Tripod 

The tripod is designed to give a strong, stable and portable anchorage point for fall arrest and recovery systems. Used with a fall arrest device and or a winch, the tripod is the basis of a confined space entry and rescue system.

For details/products' info, please visit or you may contact:-

Mr. Paul
Abtech Safety Ltd

Tel :
Fax :
Email :

Visit Rescue 3 (UK) & Canolfan Tryweryn

Rescue 3 (UK) has been delivering swiftwater rescue training and certifying instructors in the UK since and is the UK agency of Rescue 3 International.


  • Dam-controlled river providing clean and controlled swiftwater training environment

  • Specifically modified, dedicated swiftwater training site.

  • Modern fully equipped five classroom training centre situated on the banks of the River Tryweryn.

  • Extensive personal Protective Equipment and technical equipment stores,

  • Centrally located with numerous rivers and tidal rapids within easy reach of the training centre.

  • Excellent selection of accommodation in the locality.

Rescue 3 (UK) Swiftwater Rescue Training
The recommended training for fire service personnel who may be undertaking rescues in a swiftwater environment is the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 (SRT 1) course). This is a 3 day course that looks at rescue techniques in a swiftwater environment and is favoured by fire bridges within the UK and overseas.

On completion of the SRT Unit 1 candidates can progress onto the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced (SRT A) course, which builds on the techniques learnt in the SRT 1 course and introduces night operations, search and team management issues, and then onto the Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1 Instructor (SRT 1 Instructor), which allows you to deliver First Responder and SRT 1 courses.

For those who are interest to register for training course : Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 (Based in UK), please contact:-

Vol. Lt. Anita Lim
The Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association 
Tel :      Fax :
Email :

To know more about Rescue 3 (UK), please visit or you may contact:-

Mr. Paul O'Sullivan
Managing Director
Rescue 3 (UK) & Canolfan Tryweryn
The National White Water Centre, Frongoch, Bala,
Tel :      Fax :
Email :

Visit Ruth Lee Limited

Ruth Lee Limited located at London Road, Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales.

The company design and manufacture a wide range of fire and rescue equipment and with over 30 years experience are now widely recognized as the market leader within the UK.

They currently supply 98% of the UK's Fire Services, Police forces and Ambulance sevices. They also have a 5 year contract with the British Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Some of Ruth Lee Products:-

  • Training dummies/ mannequins

  • Kit Bags and Personal Equipment

  • RTA sharp edge protector kits

  • Cylinder Covers and BA Ancillary Equipment, eg: Guide Line Bag, Personal Line Pouch, Facemask Bags, Ocscuration Masks, B.A. Set Holdall...

  • Multimats

  • Helicopter Loading Bags, Medic Trauma Bag, Resuscitator Case, Mass First Responder Case, Rope/Line and Equipment Bags,

  • Protection Suit Holdalls : Gas Tight and Chemical Protection Suit Bags

  • Stretcher Protection Cover : Scoop Stretcher Protection Cover, Long Board c/w head Immobiliser Cover, Immobiliser Set Bag

  • Water Sling, Life Jacket Holdalls

Many of their products can be made to your own specification and in a variety of materials and colours.

For details/products' info, please visit or you may contact:-

Mr. Lawrence Lee
Company Secretary
Ruth Lee Limited
London Road, Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales.
Tel :      Fax :
Email :


Met Mr. Chris Ward, the operations Manger for Medical Gas Solutions Limited

Medical Gas Solutions is a supplier and a service organisation offering the most innovative, lightweights and user friendly equipment for medical, dental and emergency applications.

The company offers a complete range of products including portable oxygen inhalers, multi-patient oxygen systems for major incidents, resuscitation equipment and portable pain relief delivery systems.

Portable Emergency Oxygen Cylinder Supply
Smaller cylinders with 300 bar integral valve and regulator

Traditionally oxygen cylinders carry gas compressed to 137 bar; by increasing the pressure to 300 bar, the quantity of gas and therefore the duration of supply is greatly extended.

For details/products' info, please visit or you may contact:-

Mr. Chris Ward
Operations Manager
Medical Gas Solutions Limited
Unit 19, Manor Industrial Estate, Bagillt, Flint,
Tel :
Fax :
Email :

Blizzard Survival jacket

Emergency Application


Visit Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd

The story of Blizzard's development is simple. The founding directors are all active mountaineers and outdoor sports enthusiasts, so we have a passionate interest in creating the best equipment to keep ourselves and fellow enthusiasts alive, and enabling them to perform at their best.

The idea of Reflexcell™ was born 15 years ago - a super-lightweight material which would provide unprecedented thermal performance in the most demanding conditions. The rest is history: years of development, prototyping and testing until we were sure we had the material absolutely right.

The company is based in Bethesda, North Wales, in the Snowdonia National Park. Not the biggest mountains in the world, but an excellent proving ground offering some truly challenging weather conditions.

All of our development work and manufacturing is carried out in house. Not only do we make our own products - we rely on them for our personal survival.

For details/products' info, please visit or you may contact:-

Blizzard Protection Systems.
Unit 7
Coed y Parc

United Kingdom

Tel :
Fax :
Email :



The Community Emergency Squad (CES) is initiated by YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat, the Ampang Jaya MP on November 9, .

The team is formed for the locals to help their neighbors during community emergencies and they have been actively practicing their skills during realistic exercises an training.

Through the hard work and commitment, the CES members have made their excellent attendance to go through various of emergency response training eg: Fire Fighting, First Respondent, CPR, Water Rescue, Boat Handling, Rappelling, Stretcher Rescue and more.

- CES Training : Rescue Boat Operation
- CES Training : Water Rescue

CES Training : Victim Immobilize
CES Training : Rope Rappelling
- CES Training : Hose Handling
- CES Training : CPR (Child & Infant)

Launching Ceremony of
Community Emergency Squad

Date  : 15.08., 6.30pm at Dewan Bakti Nusa, Bandar Baru Ampang


Guest of Honor :
YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat
The Deputy Minister of Youth & Sport cum Ampang Jaya MP

Organised by the Ampang Community Centre, the Home Safe Home'' programme touched on safety measures to be taken at home to avoid accidents..... Click here for news' details....



Dengue Community Care Programme
In response to the call by The Ministry of Health on the Dengue Alert, MVFRA initiated the Dengue Community Care Programme to support the awareness on
Dengue Prevention & control activities.

The objective of the program is to do house to house visit and conduct a free inspection on prevention of mosquito breeding as well as health check.

News Highlighted.....

Kawasan perumahan Pandan lokasi kritikal serangan denggi




MVFRA has always strived to educate the public on various safety procedures through training and practices.  In view of the current catastrophic earthquake and the trauma of this disaster, the Association has developed a special program to train children on Fire & Earthquake drill.

This drill was specially designed to cater for orphanage home and the disabled children in the country.

Fire Drill and Earthquake Evacuation Exercise for Rumah Destiny
This exercise was conducted for Rumah Destiny on April 17, .  It is aim to teach the children on safe evacuation during the fire and earthquake emergencies.

Our special thanks to:-

  • Mr. Lee Hong Leng and Ms Iris Lee from Applied Imaging S/B

  • The staff of Quasar Carriage S/B

  • Mr. Wong Hee Tun

Your kind contribution and support are highly appreciated.

Click here to view photos...!

Fire Drill and Earthquake Evacuation Exercise
for Sunbeams Home

Guest of Honor :

YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat
The Deputy Minister of Youth & Sport cum Pandan MP

Our special thanks to:-

  • YB Dato' Loy Teik Ngan

  • Barry Chong, Gan Cheng Lin, Florence Kha, Lynda Thong, Peggy Soo, Hoh Li-Szu, Jacqueline Kok, Hue Sook Sun, Low Ai Ling, Tharumalingam Shal, Connie Wong

  • SBB Mutual's - Florence Toh, Loy Yan Ping, Chin Ooi Leng, Foong May Ling, Cheow Kok lan, Grace Yeoh, Catherine Chu, Zuraida Bt Ahmad Daud, Kim Theam Soo & Adrian Foo

  • Secret Recipe

Your kind contribution and support are highly appreciated.

Click here to view photos...!



MVFRA Get Together with
YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat
The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Malaysia

February 27,

MVFRA would like express our highest appreciation to YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat for taking his precious time to attend the MVFRA Get Together event.

We are grateful with his encouraging message to all the MVFRA members.

MVFRA Delegation to Malaysia Road Safety Department
Meet up with Y.A.S Tuan Suret Singh
the Director-General of Malayian Road Safety Department

17 June , Putrajaya
Vol. Lans-Corp. R. Ramakrishan received the Certificate of Appreciation from YB Tan Sri Razali Ismail, the Chairman of Yayasan Salam Malaysia
From Left : En.Md. Ghani Ibrahim, YB Dato' Ahmad Talib and YB Tan Sri Razali Ismail





Majlis Penghargaan Misi Tsunami Yayasan Salam Malaysia
18 June

Chairman, Organizing Committee
Majlis Penghargaan Misi Tsunami

Penghargaan dari Para Ahli Lembaga Pemegang Amanah dan Staff Yayasan Salam Malaysia :

"Jutaan terima kasih kepada semua kemputan, para penderma yang budiman, wakil-wakil NGOdan badan-badan korporat, sukarelawan yang telah menjayakan Misi bantuan Kemanusiaan Tsunami . Somoga akan terus aktif membangunkan keseuarelawanan untuk negara kita"




Perlancaran Kempen Pelekat Bersinar Untuk Motorsikal di Daerah Klang
7 Ogos (Ahad)
Dataran Seni Klang, Majlis Pebandaran Klang

Click here for more photos..

To have more about road safety tips, please visit




Hurry, log on to learn all about it !


Great news, kids! If you're aged between 10 and 15, here's your chance to win cash and prizes worth more than RM 10, 000 at the "ROAD SAFETY & ME" POSTER DESIGN CONTEST.


Design a road safety poster with any art material of your choice and include the "You can Make A Difference" message

Download the "Road Safety & Me" officia lcontect entry form, from

Attach the completed form to your orginal artwork and send to: 'Road Safety & Me" poster Design Contest, PO Box , Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 0 Kuala Lumpur

The top 20 entries from each category will compete for attention at the online voting gallery. If your poster's popular, you're that much closer to wining cash and cool prizes.

Dirasmikan oleh
Y.A.B. Dato' Seri Haji Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia

Perlancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya Musim Perayaan  Deepavali dan Aidilfitri
23 October
KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Kata-kata Aluan
YB Dato' Sri Chan Kong Choy
Menteri Pengangkutan Malaysia


Anda Mampu Mengubahnya
Apa yang perlu diketahui oleh setiap Pemandu, Penunggang Motosikal dan Pejalan Kaki ?





Being the collaboration partner with Malaysian Helmet Initiatives, MVFRA has taken the challenge to assist in implementing the use of motorcycle and bicycle helmets in the country.

Research on Correct Wearing of Motorcycle Helmet
The first research project was conducted on motorcyclists in Klang Valley. Click here to view more photos.....

The second research project was conducted on 800 motorcyclists in Banting, Selangor. Click here to view more photos.....



Implement Bicycle Helmet Projects in Cameron Highlands
The project was incorporated with Malaysian Helmet Initiatives - University Malaya, Jabatan  Keselamatan Jalan Raya , Jabatan
Pendidikan Daerah Cameron Highlands and Johnson &  Johnson Malaysia to educate school children on proper wearing of safety helmet.

Click here to view more photos...


The Star Saturday October 22,
Have riding helmet, will cycle
Some 300 school children in Cameron Highlands, Perak, learn a valuable lesson on road safety, to cycle safely and always wear a riding helmet when they're out cycling .... click here for more news...



Implement Bicycle Helmet Projects in Kuala Terengganu
600 students from 12 schools in Terengganu have been chosen to participate in this project. The schools involved are :-

- SK Pusat Kemaman, Kemaman
- SK Kemasik, Kemaman
- SK Kampung Nyior, Dungun
- SK Pulau Serai, Dungun
- SK Jambu Bongkok, Marang
- SK Gong Kapas, K.T.
- SK Bukit Tunggal, K.T.
- SK Telaga Papan, K.T.
- SK Bukit Perah, Hulu Terengganu
- SK Telaga, Hulu Terengganu
- SK Pusat Jertih, Besut
- SK Padang Luas, Besut

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To ensure a high level of skills and knowledge, weekly training activities are conducted ......





** News Highlighted **



Vol. Const. Gerald Vol. Const. Rohazmi

Vol. Const. Rodzi

Vol. Const. Tammie

Our Deepest Condolences to
Vol. Const. K. Thevindran
and Family

on the demise of his beloved father
the late
Mr. Kandasamy S. Thamboo PIS, PJK
on Sunday 3rd July

All the members of
Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association



Many children dream of being a firefighter and riding in a fire engine. Now, you can make that dream come alive.

MVFRA Firefighter will visit your party or function to give rides in a operational Fire Engine.

Firefighters will show the children the engine and give them a talk about fire safety and fire engine before taking them on rides and having a play with the helmets and dress ups.
Each child takes home a "Fireman Hat" to show their parents and remember their special kinder day.

An experience of a lifetime, a Fire Engine Party is both educational and fun.


Airyl’s 3rd Birthday Party with Uncle Fireman
02 Jan , Damansara



Nicholas' Birthday Party with Uncle Fireman
25 June , Taman Bukit Maluri



Nathan's Birthday Party with Uncle Fireman
22 May


For those who are interested, please email us at for further arrangement.


Vehicle Fire
This fire incident was responded by MVFRA Fire Operation Unit near Plaza Toll Kesas on 12 July .

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Road Accident Victim
This incident was responded by MVFRA Out-Riders Unit near Federal Highway on 07 August .

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Date Activities  
Jan 02,  Airyl's Birthday Party
Jan 25,  Dengue Community Care Programme
 (Kempen Kesedaran Menghapuskan Nyamuk Denggi)
Jan 28,  Fire Fighting Training
Feb 20,  MVFRA 14th Annual General Meeting
Feb 19,
(9am – 1pm)
 Motorcycle Safety Rider Programme 
Feb 27,  MVFRA Get Together with YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat
March 11,  Tadika Diana's Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop (5 years old), (6  years old)
April 17, 8pm  Fire Drill & Earthquake Evacuation Exercise for Rumah Destiny
April 21 - 22  Emergency Response Team Training
April 27 - 28  Emergency Response Team Training
May 22  Nathan's Birthday Party
June 5  PartyFriends' Fire Kids Safety Workshop
June 17  MVFRA Delegation to Malaysia Road Safety Department
June 18  SALAM Tsunami Mission Appreciation Night
June 20  Road Rescue Riders - Marshal Training
June 25  Nicholas' Birthday Party with Uncle Fireman
July 6  First Respondent in Life Saving Training
July 26  Road Safety Marshal for SMK Tmn Maluri (Merentas Desa )
August 07  Perlancaran Kempen Pelekat Bersinar Untuk Motorsikal
August 29  Emergency Fire Response Team Training
September 10  Motorcycle Safety Riders Program
September 11  Fire Kids' Club Safety Workshop - Ruman Anak Yatim kg. Sungai Buaya, Banting
September 13  Emergency Response Team Training
September 17  Motorcycle safety Riders Program
September 18  Partyfriends' Fire Kids Safety Workshop
September 20  Emergency Response Team Training
September 24  Emergency Response Team Training
September 27  Emergency Response Team Training
October 1  Fire Kids Club safety Workshop at Great Eastern Mall
October 2  Basic Jungle Survival Skills for Kids
October 20  Cycle Safely Program for school children in Cameron Highlands
October 23  Perlancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya Musim Perayaan  Deepavali dan Aidilfitri
October 24-26  Perlaksanaan Program Galakan Penggunaan Topi Keledar Basikal di Kuala Terengganu
October 30  Fire and Earthquake Drill for Sunbeams Home

Coming Activities  (For Senior Members only)
For members who wish to join and assist in all these training programmes, kindly contact Vol. Lt. Anita Lim as soon as possible.

November 20  Nature Ranger Camp 
December 3 & 4  Leadership & Survival Camp, Port Dickson
Coming Activities  (Open for public)
November 27  Nature Ranger Camp
 Venue : Taman Rimba Ampang, Sel.
 For details, please email to :
  • More activities coming soon!!! For more information, kindly email to

- National Conference on Disaster Relief
- Cycle Safely Programme
- Emergency Data Card Launching
- True Love Gives
- MVFRA 13th Anniversary
- Bekalan Bantuan Kepada Orang Asli
- Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop
- Jungle Survival Training
- Nature Ranger Camp
- Disaster Emergency Preparedness Orientation


  • Activities

  • Activities

  • Activities


Every of your birthday,  you change the battery in you smoke detector.

Importance of installing and maintaining smoke detectors in your home.

Fire protection in the home must start with smoke detectors. It's give the first warning when a fire breaks out.

The smell of smoke may not wake a sleeping person. Instead, the poisonous gases and smoke produced by a fire can numb the senses and put one into a deeper sleep

Smoke detectors alert people to fire and give them time to escape in a situation where minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

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