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Majlis Penghargaan Misi Tsunami
Yayasan Salam Malaysia

18 June



I wish to say a very big Terima Kasih to everyone who participated in our tsunami programmes. Some of you had seen action not only in our own country but elsewhere too. Many were sent to Acheh to help in the search and rescue operations and in subsequent reconstruction work.  Others were sent to Sri lanka for similar purposes. In the Northern areas of Malaysia too, some of you were deployed in clean-up operations.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been able to work with you in theses locations. In one of my trips to Acheh,  could see that you were working in extremely difficult and trying circumstances. My only regret is that I was not able to join you in every aspect of your operations and spend more time in such challenging conditions. I remember one "Touch N Go" trip to Acheh bringing food items, money and other supplies in the night. It was both a sad and heart-warming experience for me personally - sad because of the destruction; and heart-warming because Malaysians form Yayasan Salam Malaysia gave up their personal comforts to serve the people of Acheh in their most harrowing times. It was very heart-warming because you served with distinction, unselfishly and with a degree of dedication and commitment seldom seen and felt elsewhere.

I'm also quite sure that each and everyone of you  had benefitted from the experience, in varying degrees. The experience and exposure would have helped to make each and everyone of you a more compassionate person. I hope the experience would prepare you for a lot more voluntary work in the future, though hopefully not in such sad conditions.

None of our operations, in and outside the country, would have been successful without the support, in kind and cash, of our sponsor and well-wishers. I want to thank all of them who had given monetary and support services to make our voluntary work meaningful and successful. I am certain that the kind donors would not hesitate to support our worthwhile causes in the future should there be a need to.

last but not least, I also wish to put on record my appreciation to the staff of Yayasan Salam Malaysia for their dedication to make our mission a success. Your contributions, no matter how small, has helped to make Yaysan Salam Malaysia what it is today. SYABAS to all our volunteers, donors, staff, friends, and associates and media in and outside the country.


Datuk Ahmad A Talib
Chairman, Organizing Committee
Majlis Penghargaan Misi Tsunami



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