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Salam Sends Seven Volunteers To Acheh
December 30, 22:28 PM
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- Yayasan Salam Malaysia (Salam) today deployed a team of seven volunteers to join the rescue and recovery operation in tsunami-hit Acheh, Indonesia.

Chairman of the Salam board of trustees Tan Sri Razali Ismail said the team, led by K. Balasupramaniam of the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, would be there for a week.

"The team is well trained and experienced in emergencies in Malaysia and overseas, and is fully equipped to work in any kind of emergency," he told a media conference, here, Thursday.

Among others, the team would assess the situation at the sites to formulate and provide further rehabilitation assistance where needed.

The team consists of experts in various fields such as medical and rescue operations.

Razali also said that a second team, comprising medical personnel, would be deployed to Acheh on Jan 3, to provide medical relief.

At home, Razali said, Salam had mobilised its volunteers to help in cleaning and rehabilitation works in some areas in Kedah and Penang.

They had set up an operations centre in Kepala Batas to coordinate the volunteer work.

So far, 30 volunteers had signed up and it was hoped that more would participate in the two-week mission, he said.

A board of trustees member, Datuk Ahmad A.Talib, who also present, said: "We are looking for engineers, doctors, nurses, technicians, people who can do something there. Not just young men, young people who can clear up the thing, but we also want people who can help to repair bridges or build houses...people with skills."

Those interested to participate in the relief work or who wish to donate clothes such as school uniforms, stationery and toiletries as well as dry foodstuff can contact the Salam secretariat at no 8, Jalan Utara, 0 Petaling Jaya or call , or contact Ghani Ibrahim at 109.



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