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MVFRA Children Educational Safety Programs

Nature Ranger Camp

The objective of setting up this type of training camp is to expose the younger children (ages 7 to 12 years) to natural environment. 

  • Nature Ranger Camp

  • Nature Ranger Camp

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The Star, Tuesday December 16,
Kids learn survival skills

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The type of training camp is held during the school holidays.  They are taught, among other things, the following:-

1.   Safety and awareness of the environment

2.   Love nature and learn to keep the environment clean

3.   Develop team-work

4.   Create self-confidence

5.   Maintain discipline

They learn the proper way in camping, set up camp, learn how to start a fire, cook as well as some basic survival skills in the jungle.


Kuntum Safety Ranger Camp
organized by Kuntum Magazine
on Dec. 5,
at Taman Rimba Ampang

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Partyfriends Nature Ranger Camp
organized by Partyfriends
on Dec. 19,
at Taman Rimba Ampang

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Hakimi Holiday Camp
organized by Persatuan Dawoodi Bohra Muslim

on 27.12. & 28.12.

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