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March 06, 11.00am  Ampang Community Centre

Exploiting issues not the way, says Ong Tee Keat

Opposition parties like the DAP and its allies have not changed their political practices, said incumbent Ampang Jaya MP Datuk Ong Tee Keat at the recent Home Safe Home programme in Pekan Ampang, Selangor. Ong said the opposition parties tend to exploit issues that pop up to survive instead of finding ways to solve them.

&#;As a wakil rakyat, it's my duty to make sure that the Barisan Nasional wins both at the Pandan and Ampang constituencies,&#; he said. He also said the MCA Youth had started their pre-election programmes since August last year with emphasis on cultural and social events.

The events include a programme called &#;Embracing the Blue Skies&#;, which was launched by MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy. The preparation also included cadre training for the members, as there was a need to disseminate information and issues to the party machinery. Organised by the Ampang Community Centre with support from the Malaysian Volunteer Fire Rescue Association (MVFRA), the &#;Home Safe Home'' programme touched on safety measures to be taken at home to avoid accidents.

Attended by housewives and children, the programme was conducted by MVFRA chairman Capt. K. Balasupramaniam. The programme was informative and interesting and gave tips and advice on preventing accidents at home. About RM250,000 was spent on the newly-renovated community centre that comes complete with facilities such as a library, information technology room and tutorial class.

The chief executive officer of the centre, Abdul Kadir B.P.A Moidutty, said the centre had also launched the Ampang Emergency Squad that trained members on handling emergencies. With the training sessions handled by Balasupramaniam, the squad now has about 25 members. We are also encouraging youths to take part in the programme,&#; said Abdul Kadir.

About 200 Emergency Data Cards were also distributed to all present at the event. Launched last year, the card carries a person's personal particulars such as a photograph, name and contact numbers, blood group as well as current medical condition. &#;STAR-

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