Learning To Save Lives on The Road

If you are frustrated at being a bystander, unable to render aid to accident victims, then attend the Road Rescue Riders programme and learn to save lives.

Organised by the Federal Territory Fire and Rescue Volunteer Society, a voluntary body, the four-hour programme, beginning May 1, will teach members how to help victims of an accident.

This includes extending aid to accident victims, controlling traffic and sending the victims to the hospital.

The programme is targeted at motorcyclists who are usually the first to appear when there is an accident and yet do nothing, said the society's chairman K. Bala at a Press conference yesterday.

He said from a survey carried out, they discovered that most motorcyclists tended to be bystanders as they lacked knowledge and skill in helping accident victims.

Others have the desire to help but don't come forward as they are afraid they may be held responsible should they make mistakes.

"That is why we are holding the programme so that riders and others can do their bit when they witness an accident instead of just being bystanders,: said Bala.

The participants will be taught simple first aid using items found on the victim.

They will be shown how a T-shirt can serve as a sling to support a broken hand or how a pair of sneakers can be used to support an injured neck.

At least 5,000 participants are expected to benefit from the programme which is offered free to the public.

Bala said the participants would also be given a certificate and an identification document upon attending the programme so that they could easily be identified by the public.

The course will be held at the Expo Hall of the Plaza Phoenix, Cheras.


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