Getting the young all fired up on safety

THE STAR, June 6
By Celeste Fong

PETALING JAYA : By the year , the country will have 25,000 young "firefighters" who will know how to save themselves and others.

The "Fire Kids Club" safety workshop is designed to educate children who are more vulnerable than an adult in an emergency like a fire.

As part of a three-day Health Exhibition held at Civic Centre here a two-hour workshop - organized

ENTHUSIASTIC ..... Balasupramaniam showing young participants a fire engine's hose during the workshop in Petaling Jaya yesterday.

 by the Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association and Ue3 Complex Management - provided training for 90 children yesterday on how to protect themselves if their clothing caught fire and how to escape if their house was on fire.

Association president K. Balasupramaniam said this was the second workshop on fire safety that they had conducted. The first was held for 120 children last month at Ue3 Plaza.

"I hope more parents will send their children to our workshops," he said after giving away certificate of attendance to the young participants yesterday.

Balasupramaniam said the association would encourage schools and kindergartens to include fire safety as part of their curriculum.

"We hope by the year we will have trained 25,000 children on fire safety," he said.

Chan Eng Guan, 33, who sent his seven-year-old daughter to the workshop, said more should send their children for training.

"Smoke is very dangerous and we (adults) don't even know how to handle (smoke and fire) properly, not to mention young children," he said.


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