Fire Safety Tips for Kids
THE MALAY MAIL, November 17  


"STOP! Drop! And Roll!"

In case you don't know what it means, read on...this advice may save your life.

More than 500 children were taught this fire safety drill yesterday at the Plaza Uncang Emas in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association Chairman K. Balasupramaniam said many parent don't know what to do if their children suffer burns.

"They just watch in horror. That is why we have set up a programme to teach children how to save themselves s in the event of a fire. It is best to teach them while they are still young." he said.

According to Balasupramaniam, this was the first time a fire safety workshop for children was held in the country.

The association hopes to train 25,000 children to achieve its objective.

"Children in upmarket preschools are taught fire safety in their classes. But what about the less privileged ones? Someone has to get the message across to them and that's where we come in" said Balasupramaniam.

In the three-hour workshop, the children were taught what to do when their bodies caught fire just drop to the ground and start rolling.

They were also taught to stay calm and how to crawl to safety when trapped in thick smoke. The participants, aged six to 12, also learnt how to put out a fire using extinguishers.

Balasupramaniam said the learning process was designed to be interactive and fun to enable the children to take part and absorb the techniques.

"We make it fun so children will enjoy and realise the importance of fire safety drills. I hope we can register Fire Kids Club to teach more children about fire safety," he said.

The association hopes to hold as many workshops for children as possible.

"We need backing from corporate citizens because it is not easy managing this on our own. The response for this fire safety workshop has been overwhelming," he said.

Banker Yee Wee Tick commended the association 's effort in educating children on fire safety.

"I have two children and they are now capable of saving themselves if a fire breaks out. As for me, this weekend outing has also turned out to be a bonus because I knew nothing about fire safety," he said.

Yee suggested that the association holds similar programmes for adults as well.

"Many grown-ups are still ignorant about fire safety. Like it or not, this is an important aspect that will benefit us in our daily lives," he said.

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