Teaching children what to do when fire breaks out

THE SUN, December 6

KUALA LUMPUR, Sun : Ask your children what they would do if their clothes caught fire and their answer would invariably be "run".

Not the 250 children at the Fire Kids Club Marshal Session at Plaza Ue3 in Cheras today.

They will answer: "Stop, drop and roll" and act it out for you as well.

They are part of the club which took part in a fire drill organised by the Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association to teach fire safety and awareness  to children aged between six and 12.

Association chairman K. Balasupramaniam said he has managed to train 5,872 children throughout the country.

Bala is happy that many children now know better than to stand in a smoking room, and they should crawl on the floor where the air is clearer.

He, however, was a bit disappointed that not many children from the lower income groups signed up. "These sessions are are free and could mean the difference between life and death, " he said.


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