Children nationwide to learn fire safety

THE STAR, May 17
By Esther Chandran

The Federal Territory Association of Volunteer Firefighter hopes to teach 25,000 children in the country about fire safety and prevention and the right escape techniques in the event of a fire, by the end of the year.

The association's chairman K. Balasupramanaim said children often hid under beds and in cupboards to seek "refuge" from fire.

"Children need to be taught the right skills to combat fire. It is not enough to give talks to children on fire safety aspects as they are easily bored with long lectures and seminars.

"We plan to have active workshops which allow children to participate in demonstrations and show them what to do when a fire breaks out," he said, adding that the association would focus on schools and kindergartens to reach its target.

For this reason, the association is organising the Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop for children aged between six and 12 years this Saturday at the main concourse of the Ue3 Family Plaza.

The workshop would emphasise on safety techniques like stop-drop and roll, how to escape from a burning house, how to make emergency calls and also advise them not to make crank calls.

It also aims to serve the public interest by providing services and products that enhance child safety.

A fire-fighter would be assigned to a group of 10 children, who will lead and train them at the workshop with games, quizzes and other activities.

There will be three phases to the workshop, the Junior Fire Kids on Saturday, Senior Fire Kids and Marshall Fire Kids, which will commence later.

Each child will receive a certificate after each session. The workshop is free if charge and will take place from 6pm to 8pm.

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