Workshop on fire safety for children
THE STAR, November 21

PENANG: Children should be equipped with the skills on what to do in case of a fire so that they can save themselves and even their loved ones, said a fire safety and rescue consultant.

"Every year, we hear cases of children becoming victims of fire which perhaps, could be prevented if they knew what to do to protect themselves," Don Law, chief executive consultant of Medic-Link Sdn Bhd, told a press conference here to promote the second Fire Kids Club Safety Workshop on Dec 2.

The workshop is organised by the company and the Penang MCA, with the co-operation of the state education department. The event is co-sponsored by Island Plaza, where the workshop will be held, and Copthorne Hotel.

Targeted for children between five to 12 years old, the participation fee is RM20 per child while admission for accompanying parents is free.

The workshop, which will be conducted by the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, will provide learning skills like the Stop-Drop-Roll, crawling in a smoke-filed area and the fireman drag and escape.

An exhibition in tribute to firefighters will also be included in the four-hour workshop, which will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Head of the Penang MCA bureau on safety, Jawi state assemblyman Tan Cheng Lian, said concerned parents should encourage their children to attend the workshop as it would teach them valuable skills in emergencies.

"They will also learn to make emergency calls responsibly," said Law, adding that children should not be underestimated as they had the ability to drag someone twice their size to safety.

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