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This programme is designed in order to create public awareness on Fire Safety both in the home as well as in the work place.

Launching Zero Fire Campaign
THE STAR, March 31
By Tahir Alhamzah

Say there's a small fire in your house. What would you do? Most people would reach for water. But water is not the solution to all fiery frenzy. If the source of that flame can't be snuffed out with water, would you just stare transfixed at the flame as it gets bigger and bigger?

Realising that most people would simply panic facing a fire, the Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association is launching its Zero Fire Campaign on Sunday at The Summit Subang, USJ.

"The aim of the campaign is to reduce fire incidents and to increase safety awareness among the public," said association chairman K. Balasupramaniam.

Balasupramanaim founded the association in with only two members. Now this voluntary association, under the umbrella of the Fire and Rescue Department, has 13,500 members all over Malaysia. It was set up as a backup squad to the department, especially in time of emergencies an national disasters.

At other times, the association focuses on educating the public on the importance of fire safety as well as tech people how to deal with fires.

"Home safety is still not part of our culture. Take fire detectors, for instance. Not many houses here are equipped with this gadget. it is important to install it as it can detect fire as its early stage and therefore save us from the worst."

Balasupramaniam says there are also people who have fire extinguisher at home but may not know how to use them. "You've got people who got the fire extinguisher a s gifts!' he said.

"So with our campaign, we hope to teach the public to use whatever they have at home should a fire break out. We hope more people will take home fire safety seriously and not think of  it as a burden," he adds.

"Precaution is not like fighting the fire itself which is a losing battle. Taking precautions means saving your property."

While the event will be launched by Datuk Lee Lam Thye, there will also be talks on home fire safety.

As the launch is meant to be a family event, parents are encourage to bring their children too. While parents attend the talk, their children can enter the colouring contest. After both events, there will be a two hours talk for the children, during which they will be given tips on how to "Stop, Drop and Roll" and make emergency calls in case of fire.

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