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Kids coached on safe cycling

ROAD fatalities involving cyclists have been increasing, making it the third biggest “killer on the road.”  

In view of this, the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (MVFRA), LeRun Industries Sdn Bhd and Atria Shopping Centre have organised a Cycle Safely programme to help create awareness on safe cycling. 

The programme held at Atria Shopping Centre’s rooftop parking lot on Sunday drew some 40 children. 

 They were given tips and pointers on caring for their bicycles, and taken round a marked zone of various “obstacles” they are likely to encounter on actual roads. 

The young participants surrounding Chew in full safety gear for cyclists at the launch of the Cycle Safely programme.

“There have been queries about including proper cycling tracks around our neighbourhoods, as many children use bicycles regularly,” said PJ Utara MP Chew Mei Fun, who launched the programme. 

“This is an excellent idea especially for new housing areas so that children can be encouraged to safely enjoy this healthy activity. Cyclists should also be encouraged to wear helmets at all times.  

“After all, accidents happen when we are relaxed and caught off guard. We will then tend to forget the rule of stop, look and go, and just go forward without watching for traffic! 

“According to the Transport Ministry statistics, the number of road fatalities involving cyclists had risen from 244 in to 288 in . Safety is a vital point even for cyclists,” she added.  

MVFRA chairman K. Balasupramaniam said the cycling safety programme consisted of both theory and practical aspects. 

Participants were taught about preventing road accidents, how to identify common causes of accidents and the correct way of cycling. 

“Cyclists tend to be hidden in statistics although many are killed each year,” said Balasupramaniam. 

“Many cyclists buy bicycles without bothering to read their manuals and understand their bicycles. Lack of maintenance also leads to faulty bicycles on the road. 

“The practical part of the day’s programme teaches cyclists how to maneuver around a S and 8-curved track, obstacle track, sandy corner and bumpy track and the proper use of signaling,” he added. 

LeRun retail operation manager Lawrence Ooi said bicycles today were extremely sophisticated. 

“Some have up to 10 gears and are able to go in excess of 90km an hour. If riders do not learn to ride safely they can abuse the bicycle’s power in racing on open roads. 

“A safe cycling programme can help highlight vital points all cyclists should consider,” he added.  

For details on the next Cycle Safety Programme, contact MVFRA at or 9. 


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