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Biggest flag made out of mineral bottles
New Straits Times, August 17,
by Ainon Mohd

MALAYSIA BOLEH SPIRIT…The smiling faces and clenched fists are living proof that if Malaysians set their hearts and minds to it, there is nothing they cannot achieve.

With Malaysia Boleh confidence, some 128 volunteers had made the biggest National Flag out of mineral water bottles. They used 11,620 1.51 empty mineral water bottles and 1,246  500ml bottles.

Some 645 bottles were used to shape the crescent and 598 bottles for the star.

The record-breaking flag took only 45 day from June 29 to Aug 12 to be completed.

The 600kg flag measures 84m x 37m with a width of 3.5m. It was raised with the help of volunteers and 75 students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Maluri.

The record-breaking feat will be entered in the Malaysian Book of Records.

The project was organised by the Ue3 Plaza in Cheras and members of Malaysian Fire and Rescue Association in conjunction with the 42nd National Day celebration on Aug 31.

Volunteers from all races and creeds, with the youngest being six-year-old Kelvin Ching, had joined in to help collect and combine all the mineral water bottles.

It was officially launched by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Megat Junid Megat Ayob.

Project designer Siah Lee Peng said the achievement symbolized the Malaysia Boleh spirit.

“Like many others, I had a dream and worked hard to see it come true. Whats important is team work and if we believe in impossoble.”

Siah said she wanted to create a piece of art that would encourage people of all religions and races to work together to show their creativity and love for the country.

She said the project also helped the younger generation learn about recycling and solid waste management.

“I hope that this event will benefit the community and the volunteers and bring out the spirit of the National Day celebration.”


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