Volunteer firefighters wanted
The Star, Wednesday March 8,

THE Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association hopes to reach its target of recruiting 1,000 members by the end of the year.

Its chairman, K.Balasupramaniam, said the association currently had about 880 volunteers.

“We intend to recruit 250 more this year. But we only want those willing to contribute their time and efforts for the cause.

“We do not need people who want to be part of a volunteer group for other reasons,” he said, adding that about 25% if its current members were females.

The association, set up in , aims to create awareness on the importance of fire prevention and educate members on the correct ways to deal with fire and emergencies.

Bala said although the members were properly trained on how to fight fires, they were not encouraged to deal with the task directly.

He said as volunteers, members should only assist firefighters and rescue squads in their job.

“What’s important is knowing how to deal with the situation. We believe if we get there at the right time, we can also prevent fires from spreading.

“But we do not encourage our members to fight fire because as volunteers, there is a greater chance of them getting hurt,” he said.

He was speaking to reporters at the association’s membership drive at the Centrel Market on Sunday.

The campaign provided the public with information on the association and how to become a member.

The association is open to anyone above the age of 18.

Bala said currently most of its members were working professionals including lawyers, businessmen and quantity surveyors.

“Member are required to attend training every Sunday. It consists of physical exercise, motivational and fire and rescue sessions.

Although members do not receive any form of allowance, trainings instills discipline in them,” he added.

Bala appealed to corporate companies to help sponsor their activities as the association depended solely on from members.

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