June 02,
Nature Ranger Camp
Taman Rimba Ampang, Sel. 
Nature Ranger Camp is a school holiday programme held for children from aged 7 to 12 to learn  Survival Skill, Environmental Awareness And Recycling Practice.

Learn to set up a camp
Learn to paddle a boat
Learn to make waterproof matches
Learn to start fire    
Learn to cook
Boiled eggs
Jungle Torch
Fun Time !!

A Big Thank you to

Lt. M.Kody, Lt. Anita Lim, Sgnt. Sharul, Sgnt. Teresa, Sgnt. Naga, Lans.Corp. Noor Amali, Lans Corp.Puvenendran, Const. Kelvin, Const. Lois Lim, Const. Tong Sheng and Const. Kiat
for assisting and making this children camp successful and memorable !!



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