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Sample Tips on Flood Preparedness
  • Watch and listen to broadcasts
    • If a flood is predicted or is occurring, you should be alerted by local media, TV stations and radio stations.


  • Clear blocked street drains
    • Use a rake to pull leaves and other debris away from drains (Do not remove drain inlet grates).


  • Have Disaster Supplies Kit ready 


  • Stock up on bottled water
    • Have an adequate water supply stored in your pantry in case water service is cut off.


Flood dangers do not end when the water begins to recede. Listen to a radio or television and do not return home until authorities indicate it is safe to do so.


Remember to help your neighbour who may require special assistance - infants, elderly people and people with disabilities.


Flood Preparedness :

 Before | During | After 
What to tell children | 




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