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MVFRA Respond to Segamat Flood Operation
"For Us Every Life Count!"

Experience sharing by Vol. Const. Kaanthini

The day started out as a routine day for the MVFRA members who had gathered for a quick breakfast before training.

Little did they realize of the events that awaited them when they received the distraught call from a girl name Amy whose house in Taman Segar, Segamat was hit by the flood waters.

Her families were trapped at the upper floor of the house without food and water for more than 12 hours. She seeks help and hope someone could send a boat to evacuate her family members to a safe place.

Soon after a minute, another distress call the team received from a guy claiming that his family in Taman Pelangi was trapped and there were no sign of help responding to them.

As the residents only means of communications were their hand phones, they were calling out for help. Unfortunately, they were unable to contact the local police station for help as all the lines were engaged.

The team immediately called the local police station to find out on how bad the situation was. Upon finding that the water had raised to a dangerous level, they immediately activated the immediate small skill operation to Segamat.

2 Fire & Rescue Tender, 1 Ambulance, 2 Disaster Respond 4x4 equipped with Speed Boat, Inflatable Boat & Life Jackets with 16 Members dispatched to the Red Zone  The team faced many obstacles to arrive to the affected area as the roads remained impassable to all vehicles and alternate roads had to be taken as we race against time we have no choice but to take maximum risk.

All the way from Tangkak passing Gemas to Segamat, most of the main ways were under water and only those heavy vehicles were able to pass through.

The team arrived around 11.00am to realize that there were limited rescue boats responding. An on-site operation base was immediately setup.

The team had to convert an ambulance bed to an operation desk for hundreds of effected Segamat folks to report on their neighbors, and loved ones who were unable to evacuate on time and trapped at their home.

2 team we mobilized by boats to start with evacuation operation while another team to provide support in the yellow zone while all victim evacuated from red zone was recorded. 

The under current was very strong, it was a challenging task to carry out the evacuation. One of the boats was capsized when the team tried an approach in crossing to another block of building.

The priority was set for women, children, elderly & handicap however the most critical situation is also considered such as on top of the roof.

The whole operation was difficult as there were lack of co-operation from the member of public.

The bystander had caused a serious block way for the emergency vehicles to move in and out.

No doubt many were stranded. However, some refused to be evacuated due to their lost of property concern.

Safety points were identified and victims were moved from one point to another until finally they reached the base.

The sight of the victims being embraced by their loved ones who were on pins and needles with worry was truly a poignant moment.

From there the local authorities had taken the victims to the nearest relief center that was setup at Sekolah Tinggi Segamat.

Eventually the local authorities arrived on spot and there were more rescue teams moving in to save the victims.

The PDRM helicopter carrying out victims were

The rescue operation was carried out until late evening when Tzu Chi Buddhist Society arrived at the spot.

The rescue operation was handed over to them and we made our track back to KL. A total of 60 victims were rescued whereby the majorities were kids.




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