Simple Steps To Survive A Fire

Fire Safety begins at home. Every family should know the basics of how to prevent fires at home and what to do in case there is a fire. So, invest a few minutes and learn how to BE SAFE!


1.  Install and Maintain Smoke Detectors

This early warning device help ensure a safe escape.  Test smoke detectors every week and replace batteries at least twice a year.  If the smoke detector sounds, get out fast and stay out.
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2.  Draw an Escape Plan of Your Home
Whether you live in a house or apartment, make an escape plan.  Include all doors, windows, hallways and stairways.  Indicate two exits from every room.  Alternate exits are need in case primary exits are blocked by smoke or fire.  Select a safe meeting place outside your home and mark it on the plan.
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3.  Practice the Plan with the Entire Family
First, walk through the plan with everyone to be certain all exits are easily opened and safe to use.  Assign someone to help young children, the disabled and the elderly.  Hold practice drills at least twice a year.  Practice during the day and at night to prepare everyone for different fire situations.


4.  Get Out and Stay Out!
If you smell smoke, see fire or hear the smoke detector, follow your escape planGet low to avoid breathing toxic gases, smoke and hot air.  Always test for danger before proceeding.  Feel the door with the back of your hand.  If the door is hot, don't open it.  Use your second way out.  If you are unable to escape, hang a sheet or piece of clothing out the window to signal for help.  If the door is cool, follow your escape plan closing all doors behind you.  Never use elevators during a fire.  Never go back into a burning building for any reason.


5.  Go To Your Safe Meeting Place

Once out of your home,  everyone should immediately go to the designated meeting place.



6.  Call For Help
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When your family is gathered at the meeting place, send one person to use a neighbors home to call fire department.  Everyone else should remain together until the fire department arrives.

When calling for help, stay calm!  Speak slowly and clearly.  Give your name and complete address.  Stay on the line until the operator tells you to hang up.  Escape first - then call the fire department.






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